The Heavenly Idol Vj Light
The Heavenly Idol Vj Light
2023 • • 1 Seasons • Sci-Fi & FantasyDramaVJ LIGHT
0/5 • 7.8 / 10 IMDb

Pontifex Lembrary fights against a devil, he gets transferred to a different world possessing the body of Woo Yeon-woo who is a member of an unpopular idol group called Wild Animal. In an entertainment business where overwhelming social skills, trendiness, and talents are highly necessary, it is hard for solemn, holy Lembrary to adapt. Due to his inappropriate says and dos as a celebrity, Lembrary is talked about from the public and receives attention that he did not expect. Using his goodness and love, Lembrary heals this twisted and barren world people live in while going this way and that way to settle himself as an idol.

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Dodik Aisha 7 months ago

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